Talent recruitment

Talent Concept
Put the right people in the right place, and let those who contribute have equal returns

Everyone is happy, recruiting talents
The fittest, the best first


Select talents, tap potential and add value
Tailor-made, learn to apply


Respect individuality, take advantage of strengths and avoid weaknesses
On the basis of merit, only make the best use of it


Scientific orientation, potential development
Consistent goals and achieve win-win


Culture blends people, atmosphere shapes people
Retain people on the platform and share results

Salary and benefits
Competitive salary, stock option incentives, basic social insurance and housing provident fund, health check-up, garden-style working and living environment.
Talent development
The "dual-track system" model of career development, that is, two tracks of management career development channel and professional technology development channel, set up two modes of "vertical promotion development" and "horizontal development".
Pay attention to the growth of every employee
From newcomer training to professional skill improvement courses, a complete training system and rich internal sharing allow you to keep learning and tap your unlimited potential
Mentoring system, exclusive to your workplace
Mentoring system, exclusive to your workplace
Fengfan Online Academy, your growth gas station
Professional power, general power, leadership... Hundreds of courses are free to learn
Industry frontier, professional technology sharing
The company regularly conducts high-quality content sharing, which is open to all employees, and invites technical experts to share to inspire more inspiration and thinking
Online service