Fengfan ·Jinmingde Computer 3D Vamp Machine(Type CT)

Fengfan ·Jinmingde Computer 3D Vamp Machine(Type CT)

NameVamp knitting machine, Flyknit machine,Shoe upper knitting machine
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Minimum order quantity:ISO9001
Delivery time:45 days
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Product Details

Main Technical Characteristics:

1. Exclusive patent actuator, the sinker's work range can arbitrary choose. It has completely subverted that the existing sinker's work range can not control accurately.
2. The sinker movement is optimized from single linear or arc movement to compound movement which combined of them, it control loop intelligently.
3. Special design of sinker combined with compound movement can meet the knitting requirement of filling knitting with multi elastic yarns, as it can pick and hold the loop which is 6mm far from the position of guide space looping.
4.The high-quanlity batching roller system, the soft upper roller traction which is specially designed, can ensure the posotion closes to the mouth if needle plate and improve the high quality batching control on the fabrics.
3.Carriage:(1).All controlled by motor, cancel the magnet, that achieved precise control. 

4.The high-quanlity batching roller system, the soft upper roller traction which is specially designed, can ensure the posotion closes to the mouth if needle plate and improve the high quality batching control on the fabrics.


1. The machine can intelligently read patterns and merge pattern rows. (such as: do two times needle-bed shift transfer in one row, one system do knit in multi knitting area in one row)

2. carriage turn back with high speed, optimized the turning distance. The high speed motor controlled varied stitch, can meet the different knitted technical requirements when in high speed working.

3. The raising cam is controlled seperately, can do pre-select in the middle. The carriage can turn back from the middle when automatic locking, it greatly improved the working efficiency.


1.LCD industrial display is adopted in the screen, and USB and internet are used as transmission modes. Users can save a great deal of pattern documents and use from time to time in line with the production requirements.

2.Monitoring screen: it is able to display all knids of working parameters and the numerical value for the knitting lines. Meanwhile, it adjusts from time to time at the moment of machine running; therefore it can maximally operate and save time.

3.Platemaking system and control system are researched and developed independently; the software, as the free configuration, can be upgraded conveniently.

4.Multi-Language operation versions: it supports Chinese, English and other languages; meanwhile it can set other required languages as per the customers' requirements.


1.In the carriage, heavy use the intelligent encoder on the basis of motorized. It can find the zero position intelligently and feedback the position information circularly (it mean when send a command,it will go to finish the command and feedback the result ). It improved the qualification rate of knitwear greatly, customers and maintance staff can use it conveniently;

2. Machine adopts multi needle rail working technique by stitch cam, without slide transfer cam, it reduced needle broken.

3. Colour changing system:2*8 groups of yarn mouth configurations are equipped with two sides of four guide rails for the purpose of shifting the yarn mouth at any position of needle bed( standard configuration 2*8)

4. Own the adjustable function of tuck 2.

5. Special needle working track design, It is not need to adjust yarn feeder's position when do half-tuck, it reduce the yarn slide probability and improved the qualification rate of knitwear.


1. The front body, back body and sleeve of garment can be knitted at the same time, it can solve the problem that garment front and back body' length difference and color difference which is caused by different batches.

2. The system can automatically adjust the needle-start running and take down position according to different sizes of patterns, so that the use of waste yarn can be minimized.

3. Low speed when yarn knot appear: when yarn knot appear during machine running, it can automatic slow down the speed which can avoid tears in knitwear. The low speed time and value can be adjusted according to different situation.

4. Sides-stitch function: it can solve the length difference problem of knitwear sides. It also applies to loosen or tighten the stitch of fabric edge.

5. System can control the side needle to do transfer first, so that the side needle will not missed, it will greatly reduce the defect rate.

6. Pattern management can use folder mode which can manage patters conveniently.

7. It can automatically adjust the transfer stitch, it can reduce the difficulty that it has been too loose or too tight when do transfer before.

8. Needle will not running out when do knitting, it act on pressing the yarn to avoid the yarn floating.

9. It can fine adjust the corresponding stitch according to the feeder no, so that the pattern will be corrected when the yarn tension is uneven.

10. The stitch of each knitwear which are knitted at the same time can be separately adjusted , it keeps all the knitwears' size to be the same.


Knitting Function:

It is able to knit the basic knitting organizations (full needle,single side etc), multicolour random jacquard weave, applique(intarsia), twist knitting, pointelle and other weft knitting organizations. It is applicable for real silk, spun silk, synthetic, wool, acrylic, blended, yarn and other raw materials toknit the sweater and scarf, cap, trousers,socks and garment accessories. It is mainly used in professional 3D vamp production.


Product Specification:

Knitting system

Single head double system,single head three system



Knitting range

28、36、52 、60、72Inch

Knitting speed

It adopts 24 segments with the maximum velocity of 1.2m/s. AC servo motor control is adopted and controlled by refined feedback control and DSP with high-speed computation capability, for the purpose of controlling the IGBT to generate precise current output.

Needle bed shifting

AC servo motor control is adopted with the needle shifting range realizing 2 inches; in the meantime, it is of precise fine tuning functions.

Yarn feed device

Positive yarn feeder and guide wheel with standard configuration has greatly reduced the resistance of yarn feeding.


Singlephase 220V/three phase 380V; it adopts the advanced CMOS technology to memorize and recover at the moment of power cut.


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