Jinmingde Fully Computerized Flat Knitting Machine (3G)

Jinmingde Fully Computerized Flat Knitting Machine (3G)

NameFlat knitting machine, Sweater knitting machine, Computerized flat knitting machine, Knitting machine, whole sweater knitting machine
Business Type:Manufacturer, Exporter
Terms of payment and delivery:Consultation
Minimum order quantity:ISO9001
Delivery time:45 days
Payment method:Consultation

Product Details


3G, 3.5G, 5G, 7/5G, 6/5G, 6/7G, 7G, 8G, 9G, 10G, 12G, 14G

Knitting Width:

 36,44,48,52,56,60 Inch

Knitting system:

Single System,Double System,Triple System

Control System:

HengQiang System, Raynen System

Knitting speed:

 24 levels, maximum speed is 1.2 M / Sec., program command control

Knitting system:

knit transfer, turk, pointel, non-dashed intarsia, jacquard, chiaroscuro narroming and other regular knitting.

Driving method:

Servo electrical machinery controlled by computer ensures to run stably with high torque whatever the speed is high or low.

Stitch Density System:

Controlled by stepping motor, 24-level of 0~650 density is adjustable


Apply inlayed, can changed if it is damaged.


2 inches racking range, controlled by servo motor, available for inching

Cloth wind-up motion:

Latest automatic wind-up motion, 64-level electronic control,available for inching.

Needle selection:

8-level selector

Triangle System:

Triangle compound design, individual or simultaneous "knit-transfer" both for single or double system as well as one system "knit-transfer" while the other system keeps knitting to ensure high efficiency.

Color-changing System:

2 x 8 groups yarn carriers are on the left & right sides of 4 guide rails, can shift yarn carrier at any position of neilsbed.

Protection system:

The machine automatically alarms with sound-light by stopping the machine if there is situation of yarn-breaking, knotting, cloth-falling,needle-broken, needle colliding, backwards rewinding, end of knitting,motor over loading, fail of racking.

Controlling system:

Adopt LCD industrial screen, input device is USB, graphics interface and keyboard operation.


Special sinker and conlrol installation, benefit for complex knitting.

Memory function:  

Adopt CMOS technology, there is memory during power off time.

Power supply:  

AC220V, 50HZ

Volume and weight of the package:

Length x width x height:2500x900x1700MM    Net weight:1200KG


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