What should I do if the computerized flat knitting machine strikes the pin during operation?


During the operation of the computerized flat knitting […]

During the operation of the computerized flat knitting machine, there are often some firing pins and missing pins. So what is the firing needle? The firing needle is the impact caused by the knitting stitches in the various knitting triangle trajectories during the knitting process, which is mainly caused by the stitches and the stitches are silently broken, the knitting is too tight, the yarn is too thick, and the machine head is too dirty And other factors. It damages the needle bed, knitting and the triangle itself, and even affects the quality of the fabric.

Therefore, understanding some common flat knitting needles will help us deal with such problems more efficiently:

·The needle groove is too tight and too dirty-do a thorough cleaning

·Degree is too small-increase the degree

·Improper use of yarn count-use proper yarn count

Long-term lack of oil-increase the number of refueling

Foreign body falling on the needle bed-remove foreign body

·The needle is in the wrong position of the needle groove-set the needle in the correct position

·The position of the yarn feeder is improperly placed-set the yarn guide in the proper position

·The left and right positions of the needle bed are offset, so that for the needle-adjust the position of the needle bed and check whether the needle zero position is correct

·The triangle parts on the mountain board are heavy or cracked-the polished yarn slips or is replaced

·The needle groove is too wide or the needle groove is uneven-repair the needle groove of the needle bed

·The needle hardness is not enough-replace the needle

·The needle holder is exposed on the surface of the needle bed-exchange and remove the dirt on the needle groove, the height of the needle is not enough during operation, or the occurrence of missing needles or holes will also affect the firing needle.

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