What is the relationship between knitting and weaving technology


The dimensions of the needle include: the length of the […]

The dimensions of the needle include: the length of the needle tongue, the size of the needle, the hook type, and the thickness of the needle.

The cam is one of the core parts of the circular knitting machine. Its main function is to control the movement and movement form of the knitting needles and sinkers. It can be roughly divided into a full needle cam, a half needle cam, a flat cam and a sinker. Triangle.

The overall quality of the triangle will greatly affect the circular knitting machine and fabric. Therefore, when purchasing the triangle, the manufacturer of the large circular knitting machine in FENGFAN reminds the following points: Choose the corresponding triangle curve according to the requirements of different fabrics and fabrics. As designers pursue different fabric styles, the triangle working surface curve will also be different.

Because the knitting needle and the cam are in high-speed sliding friction for a long time, and individual process points have to withstand high-frequency impacts at the same time, the raw materials and heat treatment process selected for the cam are very important. Fengfan flat knitting machine manufacturers think that the roughness of the triangular curve working surface is very important, and determines whether the triangular is easy to use and durable.

Generally speaking, the length of the needle tongue is the distance from the needle to the tip of the needle tongue when the needle tongue is opened and attached to the needle shaft. There are three types of Vo141 knitting needles commonly used in the market: 7mm, 8mm and 9mm. When the angle of the machine triangle remains the same, the horizontal design size of the triangle needs to be increased, which is disadvantageous for the multiplexing of the machine. Therefore, the design of the multiple round knitting machine generally adopts short needle latch needles. The needle size is the horizontal size of the pointer hook. The larger the needle, the easier it is to hook the yarn when laying the yarn, which can reduce missed stitches and yarn skipping.

In the market, there are generally three types of needles for double-sided cotton wool machines. One type is the needle cylinder. The needles of the needle disc knitting needles are the same size. The needle disc needle is larger than the needle cylinder needle, and the needle disc needle is smaller than the cylinder needle. Needles.

Needle hooks are generally divided into two types, usually R type and P type. The former is a common type, and the latter is a pad type, which is commonly known as a flutter needle. This type of knitting needle can position the two yarns in the weaving. It is not easy to change and can achieve good coverage.

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