What is the difference between flat knitting machine and circular knitting machine


We all know that circular knitting machines and flat kn […]

We all know that circular knitting machines and flat knitting machines are the main equipment for knitting sweaters, so what is the difference between them?

Flat knitting machine: Flat knitting machine is the abbreviation of flat knitting machine, which belongs to a kind of knitting machine, generally refers to flat knitting machine, that is, a machine that uses a horizontal knitting needle bed for knitting.

The circular knitting machine takes the form of circular motion during the knitting process of the fabric. The circular knitting machine has a cylinder warp and a needle pitch.

Same point:

1. They are all knitting machines, which can knit woolen sweaters and other fabrics. The functions of the machines are different, and the ability of knitting patterns is also different, and they all have a certain needle pitch.

2. The needles must be selected in a certain way to achieve the purpose of making patterns.


1. Since the flat knitting machine is divided into length and length, the width of the knitted fabric can be changed by adding or subtracting needles or the number of needles when the stitch length and density are constant. Narrow-faced garment pieces can also be knitted, but the circular knitting machine cannot. A machine with a certain tube warp and a certain stitch length can only knit a cylindrical fabric with a certain diameter under the condition of constant density;

2. From the perspective of operating speed, the operating speed of the circular knitting machine is extremely high and the output is also high. The operating speed of the flat knitting machine is relatively low, and the output is relatively low.

3. Although the output of the circular knitting machine is high, the needles cannot be added or subtracted when knitting sweaters. It needs to be solved by cutting. This determines that the large circular knitting machine cannot knit high-end sweaters, and the flat knitting machine has a low output. But by changing the number of needles and adding or subtracting the number of needles, a fashionable and personalized sweater can be knitted.

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