What does the inch symbol of computer flat knitting machine accessories mean?


Knitting flat knitting machine is the main production e […]

Knitting flat knitting machine is the main production equipment for producing sweaters. The whole machine is made up of more than 130 computer flat knitting machine accessories. The specifications of the flat knitting machine are based on its needle type and length, that is, there are several slots per inch (2.54cm) on the needle pointer board; the length is the total lateral distance (inch) with needle slots on the needle board , Which is the effective length of the needle plate. The specification name of flat knitting machine is: 3x36, 3.5 x 6, 4X36, 5x36, 6x36, 7x36, 9X36, 11x36, 12x36, and 14x36. The above numbers are pointer type, the last number refers to the length, but the special specifications of flat knitting machine only Change the name of the length, such as 24 inches, 32 inches, 40 inches, 42 inches and so on.

Computer flat knitting machine accessories detailed requirements:

1. Frame: There are two mountain heads, and the mountain heads are connected into a whole by two beams. It is a casting. The small parts installed on the rack are wrenches, wrench fixing screws, needle plate screws, and needle plate screw compression springs.

2. Needle plate: It is made of steel plate with considerable hardness. The parts on it are large bead, small bead, machine needle, tofu block and fixing screw.

3. Guide rail: The guide rail is machined from a prayer piece or special steel. It is fastened to the frame with fixing screws. Computer flat knitting machine parts are generally divided into two front and rear, which are the tracks for the machine head to travel. The yarn feeder guide is mainly used when the random feeder of the yarn feeder moves smoothly from side to side or when changing the yarn feeder.

4. Faucet: It is the heart of the flat knitting machine. The computerized flat knitting machine parts of the whole head are installed on it. Its parts include front and rear faders, pusher wood balls and screws, pusher pushers (also called pusher sliders), sliders. Loaded with bearings. The front part of the faucet is equipped with a three-eye cover. The screw passing through the three eyes is a needle lifting triangle rod. The screw in the center eye is called a live chicken heart tie rod screw. The scale with a scale on it is called a scale plate, a small green pressure plate is installed on the scale plate, and the screw in the center of the scale plate is called two screws. The lower ends of the two screws are fastened to the large triangle, and the pointers at the center of the two screws are mounted on the pointer. The pointers are equipped with ingot screws. A swing rack is installed behind the faucet. The swing rack is equipped with a swing lever and a shuttle lever. A latch switch is also installed at the back of the machine head. The main mechanism above the machine head is a flower plate.

5. Flower plate: The flower plate is the center of the flat knitting machine. It has a base plate seat, and all triangles are installed on the base plate. The triangles on the flower plate include a needle lift triangle, a chicken heart triangle (live chicken heart, chick heart), and a herringbone. Triangle, big triangle.

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