What are the knitting needles of the knitting machine


1. Needle anyway Anyway, a needle refers to a ribbed fa […]

1. Needle anyway
Anyway, a needle refers to a ribbed fabric with positive needles on both sides; the most common one is: one reverse and one positive. On this basis, it can be changed into a variety of needle methods such as two reverses and two positives, five reverses and five positives. The operation mode of one reverse and one positive is to move the half-pitch lever to the P position, and then push the needle plate with one spacer. Push the needles of the main machine and the auxiliary machine to the B position by the needle spacing method, so that the needles before the main and auxiliary machines are crossed, and then introduce the wool into the yarn guide, knit a row from right to left, and install the needle comb. Hang the heavy body, press the second button on the right side of the main machine head, lift up a key on the right side of the auxiliary machine head, knit a row from left to right, and then knit a row from right to left, so that it will reciprocate three times. The key is restored, the key of the auxiliary machine head is restored, and the knitting continues, so that the knitted fabric is called anyway stitch (one reversed and one positive)
2.The positive needle
The knitting method of the positive needle is to transfer the stitches of the auxiliary machine needle hook to the corresponding needle hook of the main machine in turn on the basis of one reverse one. Then, press the lifting rods on both sides of the auxiliary machine, lower the auxiliary machine, remove the connecting arm, install the main head insertion plate device, introduce the thread into the yarn feeder, and push the head to knit, so that the woven fabric is called Need a positive needle, you can also use the starting needle to comb the positive needle directly.
3. The needle method of empty flower knitting
It is also very convenient to perform empty pattern knitting on the basis of positive stitches. First, press the two extension tracks, place the empty pattern head on the left extension track, turn on the power switch, and call up the empty pattern against the pattern book. First use the empty head to knit from left to right, and then from right to left. When 2 appears in the secondary display, the empty head stops working. Use the main head to knit from right to left and then from left to right. Two lines. Then, push the empty pattern head again, repeat knitting from left to right, and then from right to left. When the secondary display shows 2 again, the empty pattern head stops working, and then push the main head to knit two rows and repeat.
Needle method characteristics: on the basis of the positive needle, the stitches of two adjacent needles are merged to form a cavity, thus forming a pattern.

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