The meaning of automatic computerized flat knitting machine


The fully automatic computerized flat knitting machine […]

The fully automatic computerized flat knitting machine is a double needle tongue and weft knitting loom. Its triangular device is like a set of flat cams. The needles of the knitting needles can enter the grooves of the cams to move the triangles, forcing the knitting needles to move up and down regularly in the needle grooves of the needle plate, and through the action of the hook and the tongue , The yarn can be woven into a knitted fabric. During the ascent of the knitting needle, the loop gradually withdraws from the needle hook, flips the tongue, and withdraws the tongue to hang on the needle bar; during the descent of the needle, the hook hooks the newly placed yarn and pulls it The zigzag turns into a loop, and the original loop is pulled out of the hook. The new loop passes through the old loop and is connected in series with the old loop. A lot of knitted strings are combined to form a knitted fabric.

The tuck is one of the root coil structures of the knitted fabric organization.It is an organization composed of the old stitches that will not be retracted or disengaged, while the knitting needles continue to form loops, and the new and old stitches are gathered together.

Two methods are used to make the tuck organization on the flat knitting machine, one is the no-loop method, and the other is the no-loop method.

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Loop-free method

The tuck-free method is to push one of the flat knitting machines or the two front and rear diagonal presser triangles to a certain height. When the head is to drive the triangle operation, the knitting needle rises to the highest point, and then descends to silence and quietness. The stage no longer descends, and the loop closes the needle tongue and hangs on the needle bar. At this time, the needle hook catches the newly placed yarn. When the machine head reversely knits the next course of fabric, the knitting needle plays the role of the triangle The lower thread can rise to the pole, or fall to the lowest point. After the new yarn forms a cantilever arc and retreats, it merges with the old stitches hanging on the needle bar to form a tuck.

Loop-free method

The tuck formed by the non-return loop method is also known as the fat flower tissue, which can only be woven on the fat flower flat knitting machine. The two-level fat flower flat knitting machine forms a parallel tuck, and the three-stage fat flower flat knitting machine can form an interweaving tuck.

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Parallel tuck: Two-level fat flat knitting machine has an active needle triangle, high needles and low needles are placed on the needle board. When the machine head is knitted, the needle triangles exit the low needle height and high needle The needle can be lifted and continue to rise to the loop, while the low-foot needle can only be raised to the top of the raising triangle, still trekking on the upper plane of the rung triangle, and then descending, the loop turns over the tongue and hangs on the tongue. Withdrawing the loop, the needle hook catches the newly placed yarn together. When the machine head weaves the next course of fabric, the ejected needle-trimming triangle returns to its original position, and the old loop hanging on the low-pin needle tongue and the newly formed The yarn loops back together, and the loops form a tuck. Because this kind of tuck is only formed on the low-pin, the tuck weave is laid parallel to each other on the garment piece, so it is called parallel tuck or two-stage Fat flowers.

Interlaced tuck: There are two active needle triangles in the three-level fat flat knitting machine. There are high needles, low needles and high foot long tongue needles on the needle board. When the upper and lower needle triangles exit the low pin height together At the time, the parallel tuck weave is woven. When the upper needle lifter triangle withdraws from the working position alone, the knitting needle rises to the lower needle lifter triangle position. Because the long tongue needle is longer, the loop is opened on the tongue after the needle is opened. After the yarn is pulled back, the old and new stitches are gathered together to form a tuck. Therefore, the tuck is formed on the low foot needle and the long tongue needle, and the woven tuck organization is interwoven on the clothing piece, so it is called an interwoven tuck. Also known as intersection fat mesh flower and tertiary fat flower.

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