Six maintenance skills of knitting machine


Some parts of the weaving machine, such as spindle brac […]

Some parts of the weaving machine, such as spindle brackets, sliding seats, etc., must be accurately distanced between the sliding seat and the lower ingot braiding line after repairing and disassembling or replacing new parts. It is recommended to first place a carriage and the upper spindle to run on the sliding dial so that the lower braid is not hooked or cut by the carriage when it is guided from the swing to the weaving point.

When the knitting machine is coarsely adjusted, put the spindle on the two adjacent outer spindle supports, and guide the braided wire to the weaving point through the swinging rod, and press it tightly. When the braided wire enters or exits from the slot on the sliding carousel track, its distance to the edge of the upper carousel must be substantially equal. The adjustment of the distance can be achieved by changing the gear carrier forward or backward one or several gears.

In order to maintain the performance of the knitting machine, the equipment is inspected according to the standard, so that the abnormal state of the equipment can be found early, and establishing the inspection system for checking the latitude center is an important means for doing a good job of maintenance work. The so-called check is the inspection tour of the key parts of the equipment and the project. State maintenance is always outstanding, and for every day-to-day operation, every part of the equipment is inspected every day.

Six maintenance skills of knitting machine

1. Loosely weaving machine regularly tightens each screw and nut of the equipment to ensure the stability of operation, so as to avoid abnormal sound and living equipment.

2. The knitting machine appropriately controls the output frequency of the inverter to avoid affecting the life of the equipment.

3. The chain is lubricated to prevent the oil from entering the friction plate, which causes the friction plate to slip and affect the take-up frame.

4. Make sure that the equipment is stable and unshake before starting the equipment, so as not to affect the use and production quality of the equipment.

5. Dispose of broken wires and debris in time to avoid the occurrence of rotating parts to machine equipment or lead to axle sticking, which seriously affects equipment life and production quality.

6. Knitting machine promptly on abnormal parts to ensure the quality of production.

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