Reasons why knitting cannot be mixed in 3D shoe upper processing


Mixed knitting sometimes occurs in the processing of 3D […]

Mixed knitting sometimes occurs in the processing of 3D shoe uppers. Once it is found that it must be stopped immediately, this will have an impact on the production quality of the product. Next, let's talk about the reasons why knitting cannot be mixed?

The quality of the products you process is always bad, and the machine has been missing needles. Then it is possible that you are mixing knitting needles. Knitting needles are very precise, very demanding, and very strict products.

Many customers say that the needle model is the same, and that different brands can be mixed with other brands, which is a misunderstanding.

Due to the different processes, equipment, and material channels of each factory, the knitting needles made must be different, and the height of the blade and the hook of each brand of knitting needles may be different. Common problems with mixed knitting needles There are problems such as striker, missing needle, broken head and uneven density. If the product is stable, the quality passes, and the cost must be reduced, no matter what brand of needle is used, the entire set must be replaced. Never mix it.

I don’t know what caused the problem. So what should I do after the needle of the whole machine is replaced, I can't throw it away. The method is very simple, for example, there are 10 machines in the house, 8 to 6 sets are replaced in a batch, the replaced needles are used on the machines that have not been replaced, and they are used up slowly, so that there will be no waste.

If you buy knitting needles, it is better to buy the needles of machine manufacturers, so that there will be no problems with the matching.

3D upper processing tells you how the flying upper machine operates?

3D shoe upper processing usually requires flying woven upper machine to make flying woven upper, but the operation process of flying woven upper machine is still relatively complicated, you need to choose someone to guide you to get started, the operation process of flying woven upper machine is the most important It includes five processes: reading disk, threading yarn, proofing, determining tricks and hanging cloth. In the meantime, when weaving at the beginning, we must be able to know the precautions in the operation of the flying shoe upper machine, to prevent other problems in the process of the equipment.

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