Problems and strengths of the hand flat knitting machine and the computer flat knitting machine in tailoring


Before discussing this issue, we must first explain the […]

Before discussing this issue, we must first explain the concept of "tailor-made" and the characteristics of production and operation. I ’ve been over-tailored by my fellow friends. I ’m very familiar with “tailor-made”, but many of my friends who have n’t gotten involved in tailor-made may not really understand “tailored”. These people even think that Tailor-made does not have high requirements on size and workmanship, and it is much simpler and easier than making large-scale products. It is recommended that these people go to tailor-made small enterprises to experience this experience and change this concept. Tailor-made is divided into two parts: "tailored" and "custom-made". As the name implies, the body of the customer is customized according to the customer's requirements. A customer-satisfied sweater is tailored to the customer's requirements. of. We look at the characteristics of tailor-made from the following aspects.

First, there are very strict requirements in terms of volume. Most customers are not standard body types, and will not be as long as our clothing standard models. Even standard customers with long body types will not necessarily We are required to design according to the size of each part of the clothing standard size, that is to say, the clothing standard size does not have much effect in the tailored size design and can only be used as a reference. Therefore, we must make a separate process sheet according to the size measured from the customer and the customer's special requirements for size.

2. Tailor-made threads are very complicated. In order to meet the different requirements of different customers for raw materials and to attract different customers, tailor-made enterprises generally operate a variety of different raw materials, and the ingredients and yarn counts are different. This has caused us to constantly change the density of the grey fabric structure during the production process, even if the ingredients are the same as the yarn count. In order to increase the color, we may enter multiple yarn mill raw materials, and each yarn mill raw material There may be some errors in the composition and yarn count, which makes it more difficult for us to determine the density, and debugging the machine to determine the density is one of the most important issues for our tailor-made production.

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