Precautions for flat knitting machine


1. When we use the computer flat knitting machine, we m […]

1. When we use the computer flat knitting machine, we must strictly follow the process and designation when starting up and shutting down, and we must not cut off the power directly.

2. If the machine is in operation, do not touch the internal area of ​​the machine.

3. If the machine breaks down, you should immediately find a professional maintenance person to repair it.

4. To ensure that the machine is in a safe state to operate.

5. Do not penetrate into the gap between the needle beds, and keep your hands, face, clothing, etc. away from these places.

(1) When hand-cranking the handpiece, the person should stand firm, the force should be even and moderate, and the direction of the force should be consistent with the sliding direction of the handpiece.

(2) When weaving, the machine head cannot be adjusted in the knitting area. The machine head must be pushed over the edge of the working needle by more than 2cm to adjust the direction, so as not to damage the machine parts and fabric.

(3) When the machine head is in the knitting area, the needle bed shift wrench cannot be pulled, otherwise the knitting needles will be seriously damaged, and various triangle adjustment devices and switches may not be toggled, so as to avoid needle strike accidents and damage to the machine parts.

(4) When placing the needle, the knitting needle should be pushed flush with the working needle; after the needle is retracted or copied, the empty needle should be retracted to the non-working position. Cause a firing pin.

(5) In the event of a needle strike, the needle start triangle should be closed, and then the machine head should be withdrawn from the knitting area. Never pull the needle hook by hand to avoid damaging your fingers.

(6) When the fabric width is too large, the movement of the machine head will increase accordingly, so that the excess yarn in the machine head is too much. Produce "little braids" and gaps.

(7) When dropping the film, the pull weight must be removed first to prevent the weight from falling to the ground and hurting the foot.

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