Nine tips teach you how to choose a computerized flat knitting machine


The first tip: look at the nose The machine head is the […]

The first tip: look at the nose

The machine head is the heart of the mechanical operation, and the needle parts such as the needle selector, the triangle, the electromagnet, and the eye move the needle. The core of the machine head is the triangular bottom plate. When the triangle plate is used properly, the lifting speed and lifting frequency of the needle raising triangle can be increased, the damage rate of the knitting needle can be reduced, and the adjustable range of the fabric density can be widened to improve the weaving quality of the fabric. . At present, domestic triangular production enterprises are limited by materials, heat treatment, cryogenic treatment, manufacturing, etc. It is difficult to compete with imported equipment. If the toughness of the triangular bottom plate is not enough or the process is not up to standard, it will cause problems such as striker and fabric deformation, which will seriously cause machinery. Wear, deformation, blackening.

The second measure: look at the system

The computer system should be the whole machine brain, which can be imagined, so the metaphor shows the importance of the computer. If computer instability is definitely a sin that affects the production and quality of sweaters, all movements, patterns, speeds, and densities must be controlled by computers. Computers can not be sloppy. I have personally seen some computers doing the machine. The head and the shaker flew, the yarn feeder was messed up, the needle was moved a few times, the code was loose, the crash, and the mess was running, it was terrible!

The third measure: look at the needle board

The needle board should be regarded as the torso of the computerized flat knitting machine. It is also limited by the materials, heat treatment, process, manufacturing and other techniques. If the needle board is not used properly, the fabric will be rough, the board will be worn, the needle will be hit, and even the needle board will be black and fester. . Fabrics that are not well woven will go away. At present, the domestic reputation is better in the needle board of Wenzhou Baixin and Changshu.

The fourth measure: look at the knitting needle

The knitting needle is the finger of the computerized flat knitting machine. The warp and weft knitting of the yarn depends on it. In addition to the material toughness of the knitting needle, the design and precision of the needle hook of the needle are also very different.

The fifth measure: look at the service

Mechatronics equipment will inevitably have problems, Stoll should be one of the best equipment in the industry, but there will also be common failures such as crashes, frequent failure of the pulling system, and damage to the scissors, so no matter what machine is not " "The bell jar", there must be a bad time.

Sixth tip: look at the background

This is very important. There are two types of computerized flat knitting machine manufacturers: one is the manufacturer of needles and spinning machinery equipment; the other is the former industry. I have heard that there are construction companies in the industry, and there are advertising companies. It is not that the equipment for switching jobs is not good, but the interlacing is like a mountain. Most enterprises that switch to computerized flat knitting machines are copying equipment from other manufacturers. The drawings were revised by the East and repaired, and finally changed to four.

Seventh tip: look at the version of the software

There are many kinds of pattern-making software, the most common ones are: Picasso, Sima, Hengqiang, M1. The function of the pattern-making software is basically the same. It depends mainly on which type of software used in this industry is used by many people. According to my understanding, Picasso and Sima's pattern-making software has entered the country earlier. This type of pattern-making master is not difficult to recruit, and there are many people. .

Eighth tip: see the employment penetration rate

It is not advisable for the sweater factory to rely excessively on the after-sales service of the computerized flat knitting machine manufacturer without cultivating its own mechanic repair team, because the after-sales service team of the computerized flat knitting machine manufacturer cannot stay in the sweater factory forever.

The ninth tip: choose the model, it is suitable

Is it suitable for your own production requirements, such as the thick or thin needles, the thick needles must consider the dual system, because there are many types of flowers, and the efficiency is high, the efficiency of a single system is basically incomparable. If it is a fine needle, it can be compared in many aspects. It is done on one side or in a twisted flower. The pattern does not need too much, and the single system is considered for running. If it is not too tight, it is recommended to use a dual system, the price is similar. From the perspective of long-term development and actual interests, the dual system is still quite advantageous.

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