Maintenance of computer flat knitting machine needle groove


After long-term use of the needle groove, dirt will acc […]

After long-term use of the needle groove, dirt will accumulate in the channel, which directly affects the quality of the knitted fabric, so the needle bed must be rubbed regularly. The following points must be noted:

1. Push all knitting needles to the knitting area to prevent damaging the needle tongue when pulling the upper plug iron.

2. The drawn-out upper and lower plug irons and needle bed irons must be placed on the workbench in the original order. Do not make mistakes for easy installation.

3. If rust spots are found on the needle bed, you can use No. 0 emery cloth to sand and slip. Do not rub on the needle bed grid-like tooth mouth to avoid damaging the straightness of the tooth mouth.

4. Do not rub the emery cloth on the "front" of the plug to prevent the "front" from being damaged and affecting the operation of the needle.

5. The needle groove must be wiped clean, otherwise it will cause defects such as thin needles or tight roads on the fabric.

Eliminate the dirt in the needle groove, you can use the back of the hacksaw blade to pick. If you can't clean it once, you can do it again, until it is clean, and then use a brush to pick out the dirt and dust. Don't be greedy for convenience. Turn the needle bed over and knock it to avoid damaging the needle bed.

6. The needle bed should not be damaged during the rubbing work of the needle bed.

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