Knowledge about daily maintenance of computerized flat knitting machine


The computerized flat knitting machine should be mainta […]

The computerized flat knitting machine should be maintained frequently so as to keep the machine in good working condition and prolong its service life. Mainly to clean and refuel, cleaning can be from top to bottom, from inside to outside. Generally, during daily maintenance, the machine should be in the stopped state and power off state, the screws should be tightened, the removed parts should be reset, and lubricating oil and grease should be added.

When the computerized flat knitting machine is maintained, some tools are generally used, including: industrial vacuum cleaners, special cloth pressure knives, allen wrenches, brushes, woven cotton cloths, and needle-nose pliers. These tools help the maintenance work.

Handpiece: Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the probe and cotton wool, and wipe the front and rear covers and flyover of the machine head clean.

Yarn feeder and side tension device: It is required to wipe clean without dust and oil.

Yarn clamping system: use a vacuum cleaner for cleaning, and the manual interface after startup must be further cleaned.

Body oil injection system: check whether the oil in the oil pump is always in the supply state, if the amount of oil is insufficient, it should be added.

Weaving system: use a vacuum cleaner to clean the color-changing machine base and the switching electromagnet. The color-changing block should be lubricated with special oil for the computer flat knitting machine, and no piece can be missed. The head rail is first cleaned with cotton cloth to remove grease and yarn shavings, and then lubricating oil is injected through the head brush, pay attention to an appropriate amount.

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