Introduction of seven characteristics of automatic knitting machine


1. High degree of automation: automatic shutdown with b […]

1. High degree of automation: automatic shutdown with broken wire, no wire on the spool, and no hose.

2. The angle change (pitch) of the braiding machine is adjusted by stepless speed regulation without changing gears.

Three. High production efficiency: The output per hour is more than twice that of the currently commonly used models, and the output reaches 70 meters per hour.

Fourth, low noise, the transmission system adopts sound absorption, shock absorption, and embedded devices.

5. Convenient maintenance, flexible transmission structure, removable.

6. ​​The bobbin spindle adopts elastic adjustable device, reliable positioning, convenient and flexible loading and unloading of bobbins.

7. The key parts of the machine are low in wear and long in service life. The key parts are heat treated with high-quality materials and equipped with self-lubricating devices.

The braiding machine produced by the company is widely used in weaving various ropes, laces, wires and cables, high-voltage hoses, glass fiber sleeves, automobile wiring harnesses, sealing packing and other products. We can also design and manufacture special models of braiding machines according to customer requirements.

Maintenance and maintenance measures of high-speed braiding machine

Maintenance inspection content:

1. Check whether the lubricating oil in the case is within the specified range. Pick up the oil probe and drop it to ensure that the oil is in the center of the two lines, but do not avoid excessive lubricating oil spraying.

2. Check the lubricating oil of the turbine box, which can be visually inspected by the oil glass. Lubricant should be added when it is lower than half of the oil glass.

3. All transmission gear parts of the machine should be properly lubricated and maintained once a week.

4. Carry out proper amount of lubrication and maintenance for the polished rod part of the polished rod cable, and maintain it once a week.

5. It is necessary to confirm that there are no obstacles within the operating range of the machine, and check at any time.

6. ​​Tighten the screws of the transmission and connection parts of the machine to avoid loosening and affect the operation of the machine. Check once a week.

7. Before operating the machine, please run it at a low speed for about 5 minutes before increasing the speed.

Prevention method

1. Replace with a new bobbin

2, partly broken or broken thread

3, the aluminum foil is interrupted or there is no aluminum foil

4, the cored wire is interrupted or there is no cored wire

5. The power outage dial stuck and failed to return

6, check whether the sensor is normal

When weaving machine manufacturers establish their own weaving machine supply chain system, they encounter many problems, which can be summed up as follows:

1. Small batches bring high costs;

Customized production of high-speed knitting machines, generally orders only a few to dozens, the number of such orders determines that the number of parts that need to be customized is also very small, which brings a lot of pressure on all aspects of the supply chain cost;

2. High precision brings high requirements;

Many parts of high-speed braiding machine have very high precision requirements, so that there are too few suppliers that meet the technical requirements; the production of complete sets of equipment brings high pressure;

The production of general knitting machines requires the production of complete sets of equipment, and complete sets of equipment means a large number of accessories and a huge supply chain system, which is no small test for manufacturers.

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