New Standards and Trends of Shoemaking Industry in 2019


Environmental protection of footwear industry will beco […]

Environmental protection of footwear industry will become a new competitive power

Challenges and opportunities coexist, which requires enterprises and industries to actively innovate and change. To meet the requirements of new technical norms and standards, enterprises should strengthen their technical reserves, change passive into active, timely research and rectification.

At present, the environmental protection foundation of the shoemaking industry is poor, there is no access conditions issued by the relevant departments of the state, no evaluation system of cleaner production issued by the state, no national air emission standards for the shoemaking industry, and the environmental protection standards of the shoemaking industry vary from place to place.

Moreover, most enterprises in the industry have not fulfilled the procedures of EIA, the cost burden of environmental protection management is heavy, and enterprises lack environmental protection professionals. Facing the new requirements of green development of the industry, the development of the industry is facing great challenges in a short time.

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