How to weave high quality products with high speed knitting machine


1. High-quality machine parts and reasonable mechanism […]

1. High-quality machine parts and reasonable mechanism make the machine run more stably and have a longer service life.

2. At the exit point of the horse ingot, the industrial ceramic eye (aluminum oxide) is used instead of the perforation operation, and the reasonable structure of the horse ingot is made, and the replacement of the bobbin and the adjustment of the elastic force are quicker and simpler.

3. The automatic yarn breaking and power-off device of this machine is fast and accurate. When the core is used up or disconnected, the machine will automatically stop running, so in the case of unmanned operation, the machine can be operated with peace of mind to increase production and reduce costs.

4. The motor adopts frequency conversion regulation, stepless speed change, easy to control the speed and speed, and overload protection.

5, humanized design, safe and easy to operate, the maintenance of the machine is direct and convenient.

6. It is not easy to break the wire during weaving and will not wear the surface of the raw material. After weaving, it naturally has higher quality. If there is a product with a heart-wrenching, it can use automatic feeding, regardless of whether the bag is large or small, the dosage can be correctly sent.

7, standard parts supply and perfect after-sales service, will provide a strong guarantee for the normal operation of your machine.

8, high quality, high speed, high quality, which will give you more space.

The reasons for mechanical failure and fabric defects during high-speed knitting machines are complicated. In order to facilitate maintenance, according to practical experience, the following aspects can be summarized:

1. Poor maintenance work, causing severe wear and tear on parts during long-term operation.

2, due to the quality of raw materials.

3. The dropper and the blocker are not skilled in operation.

4, the knitting machine parts (such as knitting needles, brushes, shackles, etc.) are of poor quality and improper adjustment.

5, the product process is unreasonable, such as the choice of yarn count and machine number is not suitable.

The high-speed knitting machine is favored by small and medium-sized enterprises and self-employed operators because of its light weight, portability, multi-function and low price. The sales volume of knitting machines in China is increasing. Since many knitting machine users don't know much about the structure and performance of the knitting machine, they are often troubled by some minor faults during use. Floating rings are one of the common ones. The floating ring means that when the knitting needle starts to retreat at the beginning of the looping, for some reason, the old coil does not retreat to the needle bar below the needle tongue, but still hangs on the needle tongue, when the knitting needle falls, the old The coil is returned to the hook and cannot form a new coil. This phenomenon is called a float.

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