How to solve the messy flower problem of computerized flat knitting machine


The messy flower phenomenon will occur during the use o […]

The messy flower phenomenon will occur during the use of the computerized flat knitting machine. As a staff member, how to effectively solve the problem of the messy flowered flatbed machine?

Computerized flat knitting machine-chaotic flower (random needle selection)

1) See if there is a regular pattern of garbled flowers. For example, the problem lies with the needle selector.

2) See if it is a secret election or a missed election. Adjust the clearance between the needle selector and the needle bed.

3) Adjust the needle selection parameters, needle selection origin, and needle selection fine adjustment.

4) See if the stitches are too tight and loose on the needle bed. Is it smooth.

5) Check the circuit, check whether the plugs are inserted properly, and see if there is any bad contact.

6) See if the main drive belt is too loose.

7) See if the gauge is too tight or too loose.

8) Replace the needle selection board.

9) Rediscover the origin, and pay attention to the copper heads.

Computerized flat knitting machine-degree head

1) Weave more and more when weaving

A, check the line for poor contact.

B, check whether the screw of the motor is loose.

2) Weave two at the same time, if one mouth is abnormally small, you can consider adjusting the origin of the mouth appropriately.

When working with a computerized flat knitting machine, many problems are involved, such as various knitting techniques, density adjustment, etc. The solution is to introduce you to the horizontal movement of the computerized flat knitting machine tool:

Traverse of needle bed of computerized flat knitting machine

1. The principle of needle bed traverse: controlled by a program and realized by a stepper motor.

2. Type and function of needle bed traverse:

(1) Traverse of the whole stitch length ——The corresponding relationship between the needles of the front and back needle beds and the needles can be changed by the whole stitch length traverse.

(2) Half-pitch traverse —— Change the corresponding relationship between the two needle bed needle grooves, and the needle grooves can be changed into relative needle grooves.

(3) Shifting and traversing —— Make the positions of the needle grooves of the front and back needle beds shift by about a quarter of the stitch length

3. Maximum traverse distance —— 50.8㎜ ~ 101.6㎜ (2 inches-4 inches)

Be a technician of computerized flat knitting machine

1.(1) Have a detailed understanding of the knitting structure, yarn characteristics, fabric structure and process, etc., and can be analyzed to solve practical problems.

(2) Have sufficient understanding of the machine and predictability of possible problems. The machine can be properly maintained and repaired, and the program can be comprehensively applied.

2. Program and machine debugging should be combined

Programmer: Familiar with the entire process and process, making the program more adaptable.

Machine debugging: it is to adjust the drawing degree and density, mainly in the process.

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