Failure Analysis of Computer Flat Knitting Machine


(1) When the computerized flat knitting machine hangs t […]

(1) When the computerized flat knitting machine hangs the lifting head; the lifting head does not hang but knits, and the pressure needle triangle is not pressed in place.

(2) Intarsia computer flat knitting machine hits the selection pins

1) Whether the needle selection is in place

2) Whether the needle groove runs smoothly and whether there are iron filings in the needle groove. The dry running time must be sufficient and the speed cannot exceed 0.45

3) Is the pin type wrong?

4) The distance between the mountain plate and the needle plate is too large and more than 40

5) The gap between the guide rail and Palin is too large.

(Three), the computer flat knitting machine displays the main motor error

1) Poor line contact

2) Replace the main motor

3) It is displayed when the speed is too high, it is necessary to replace the driver.

(4) The computerized flat knitting machine displays the shaker motor error

1) Check for poor line contact

2) Power off and restart

3) Change the shaker motor

4) Change the shaker drive

(5) The knitting needle of the computerized flat knitting machine is not smooth when it is turned over.

1) The turning iron wire pressing needle is too tight

2) Needle plate insert slot milling is too deep

3) The gauge is too tight or deformed

4) Knitting needle deformation

5) Whether the fixed sky tooth spacer is installed incorrectly.

(6) The computer flat knitting machine has a fixed needle not selected or missed during normal knitting.

1) Adjust messy flowers

2) Replace the selection pin

3) Adjust the yarn feeder correction

4) The head is reversed left and right,

5) Without affecting the turning of the needle, if you do not choose the climbing board.

6) The spacing between the inserts is too tight, loosen with a screwdriver

7) Needle selector

8) The lower gauge is too tight or too loose

9) When appearing on both sides, see if the origin of the nose is correct

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