Difference between single system flat knitting machine and dual system flat knitting machine


There are two types of single-computer flat knitting ma […]

There are two types of single-computer flat knitting machines on the market: one is a traditional dual-system machine with one head less (the cost is the same as that of the dual-system system); the other is a different needle plate with only a simple needle plate (the bottom of the cost). Judging from the current status of industry development, it is an inevitable trend to replace the manual and semi-automatic flat knitting machines with a single system. As a machine that also replaces manual and semi-automatic flat knitting machines, what is the difference between single-system flat knitting machines and dual-system flat knitting machines? Speed ​​Speed ​​Speed ​​:::: The single system is just one system as its name implies. In simple terms, it is the same as a hand knitting machine. The head travels back and forth once for 2 lines (1 turn). For the dual system, the two heads are connected in parallel. Together, the head travels back and forth once for 4 lines (2 turns). From the time efficiency point of view, it is definitely a good dual system. The same piece of clothing can save half of the time. In terms of overall efficiency, the dual system is high.

The dual-system computerized flat knitting machine is suitable for more complicated patterns. The head of the machine can carry two yarn feeders at the same time, but one of the systems may be turned off when making most simple patterns; the single-system computerized flat knitting machine is used for general goods. (Especially unilateral) is more cost-effective, the head is light, the operation is flexible, and it is slow to make complex patterns, because a single system is one bit, and one bit can not be turned. As for the pattern, as long as a single system can weave a double system, a relatively complicated pattern on a single system will not work.

Single system computer flat knitting machine

The price of a single system is undoubtedly much cheaper than that of a dual system. A single system machine can work 24 hours as well as a dual system. The electricity cost for a day is a few dollars, and manual and semi-automatic are different. Workers work every day to pay To eat and sleep and consume other resources, it is more cost-effective to use a single system, so it is the general trend that a single system replaces labor. On the whole, considering the three factors of speed, pattern and price, we can see that the single system flat knitting machine has the advantage in cost and price, and the overall speed and pattern are dominated by the dual system. As far as the current situation is concerned, the reason why single-system computer flat knitting machines can sell well is still affected by price factors. In any case, this is a transition for sweater companies to upgrade their equipment, and it is also a necessity for the development of computer flat knitting machines. In the future, dual systems may still be the majority. Therefore, Global Sweater Network recommends whether to purchase a dual-system computer flat knitting machine or a single-system computer flat knitting machine, depending on the respective circumstances of the sweater enterprise. There are two situations in which you can choose to purchase a single-system computer flat knitting machine: It is really impossible to recruit flat knitting workers or if the funds are insufficient, you can consider buying them. Second, according to the pattern characteristics of the sweaters made by the company, the purchase can be used to maximize cost savings and improve work efficiency.

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