Computerized flat knit sweater


With the globalization of the economy, the export volum […]

With the globalization of the economy, the export volume of woolen sweater products, especially cashmere sweaters, is large, the order quantity is reduced, and the order styles are increased, which makes the production management more and more difficult. There is fierce competition between domestic textile enterprises and between domestic and foreign textile enterprises. In order to survive and develop, manufacturers are required to do: first, the quality meets the requirements stipulated in the customer contract, and second, it must be delivered on time. Both are indispensable. Failure to do so will have an adverse impact on the enterprise, lose customers, orders, and markets. Therefore, modern enterprises adopt modern management techniques and carry out international standard ISO 9001: 2000 standard quality system certification. Various quality control points of the enterprise are actively and effectively controlled to improve the company's internal management level and stabilize the product quality in order to enhance the company's market competitiveness.

1 Cardigan process

Raw material → Raw material inspection → Flat knitting machine section → Semi-finished product inspection and repair of patch panel → Sewing disk section → Semi-finished product inspection and repair → Pick-up section → Pick-up semi-finished product inspection → Washing and shrinking section → Washing and shrinking semi-finished product inspection and repair → Ironing section → Inspection and repair of ironing semi-finished products → inspection and repair of nail-marked products → packaging and storage.

2 Product quality analysis and control

In order to ensure product quality and reduce costs, strict quality control must be implemented for each process in production. In the process control, the focus is on prevention, and the quality supervision system of self-inspection, mutual inspection and special inspection is formed.

3 Conclusion

The key to the quality of sweaters lies in management, strict inspection system and high-quality staff. To develop, an enterprise must adopt modern management, adopt international quality certification standards, systematically train employees, and introduce high-quality talents.

At present, many flat knitting sweater factories still use manual flat knitting machines as their main production force. The level of workers' operating skills directly affects the production efficiency of the factories. However, most factories do not have certain standards for the technical training of workers. Masters use apprentices as the main method. Even many factories do not provide technical training for workers. They directly recruit technical or semi-skilled workers who can be employed directly from other places, eliminating the need to train workers. This is a superficial savings Time and financial resources, but in fact, workers from different places have inconsistent operation methods, which will increase the difficulty of many production processes in the factory, and some workers' incorrect habits will not only affect their production speed, but also affect product quality and operation. Health. Therefore, this requires the sweater companies to have an innovative consciousness and use advanced technology management concepts to continuously optimize the internal design of the enterprise. Among them, standardizing the operation of workers is one of the important contents of the internal optimal design of the enterprise.

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