Computer glove machine care and maintenance


In order to make the machine run normally, reduce the o […]

In order to make the machine run normally, reduce the occurrence of defective products, improve the efficiency of the machine, keep the machine clean, and it is very important to refuel on time.

Note: When performing overall machine maintenance, be sure to turn off the power.

1. Needle plate and sinker seat are most likely to accumulate dust. Failure to clean it in time will have an adverse effect.

2. Every 8-12 hours, blow off dust and other debris on the needle plate and other parts with an air gun.

3. Air filter, check it once a week to remove the dirt inside

4. Clean the oil pump once a year, and clean it with detergent

5. Refueling: ensure refueling every 8-12 hours.

Dear glove factory owner, please have a deep understanding of the mechanical structure and function of the equipment, master the essentials of use, reasonable operation, and careful care, in order to extend the service life of the equipment and make the glove machine maximize the benefits.

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