Global Promotion | Entering Bangladesh: A Rising Power of Shoemaking Industry


The recently concluded Dhaka International Leather Tech […]

The recently concluded Dhaka International Leather Technology Trade Fair in Bangladesh has once again attracted the attention of Chinese and global shoemakers. Behind the ever-increasing exhibition scale, what is the development of Bangladesh's shoemaking industry? Are the Southeast Asian countries represented by Vietnam and Bangladesh sufficient to support the historic opportunity of global shoemaking industry transfer with their low labor costs and population advantages? Investors from China and other places are flocking to Bangladesh, but how many people can really achieve their industrial aspirations? What are the realistic needs of Bangladeshi shoemaking enterprises under the tide? The answers to these questions may still need some time to verify, but from the development trend of the industry in recent years, the rise of Bangladesh's shoemaking industry has become an indisputable fact. While attracting a large number of foreign eyes, Bangladesh's shoemaking enterprises are also actively going abroad to purchase, exchange and seek greater development opportunities.

As the largest footwear industry in the world, China has great attraction for Bangladeshi footwear industry. More and more Bangladeshi footwear enterprises come to China to participate in exhibitions and purchase materials and equipment. According to statistics from the organizers of Wenzhou International Leather Fair, the number of professional purchasers from Bangladesh has increased year by year in recent exhibitions, with an increase of 114% in 2018 compared with the previous exhibition. On the one hand, the continuous promotion of the "one belt and one way" policy has provided a better opportunity for the exchange and development of the footwear industry in both countries. On the other hand, the overall development level of the footwear industry in Bangladesh is still somewhat different from that of China.

Therefore, Wenzhou International Leather Exhibition Organizing Committee arranges personnel to go to Bangladesh every year to publicize and invite precise buyers. As a footwear industry producing area with high reputation in the world, Wenzhou is not unfamiliar to footwear enterprises in emerging markets in Southeast Asia. During the International Leather Technology Trade Fair in Dhaka, Bangladesh, many footwear professionals from Bangladesh and neighboring countries are interested in Wenzhou International Leather Fair. The advantages of industrial agglomeration and industrial chain of the exhibition are very recognized. We are glad to accept the invitation of the exhibition organizers and plan to visit Wenzhou for purchasing.


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