Characteristics of 3D flyknit processing


How is the production of flyknit machine uppers realize […]

How is the production of flyknit machine uppers realized?

Now when many uppers are processed, they often choose flyknit uppers to be customized, so how are the customized flyknit uppers produced?

In the past, the upper was processed by hand using needles and needles to knit it. Later it was developed to improve efficiency by using a hand crank instead of knitting machine. Later, it evolved to knit directly with a computerized flat knitting machine, which greatly improved the efficiency. The customization of flyknit shoe upper is to realize the automatic processing of shoe upper by computer flat knitting machine, which effectively saves labor costs and improves the production efficiency. This is an emerging technology for uppers.

Flyknit upper has many advantages in customization, so it is a good choice for upper processing.

What are the characteristics of 3D flyknit  processing equipment?

1. The standard active yarn feeder greatly reduces the yarn resistance.

2. Adopt digital technology to realize the turning, hanging and knitting movements of the flat knitting machine, with optional scissors clip device and bottom plate lifting device.

3. This series of models include single-head dual system, dual-head dual system, the appearance of the model is simple and elegant.

4. High-quality roll roller system, specially designed soft high-roller pulling, the pulling position is closer to the needle plate tooth mouth, ensuring high-quality roll control of the fabric.

5. Can weave basic knitting structure (Siping, single-sided, etc.), multi-color non-specification jacquard, intarsia (intarsia), cable flower, pick hole and other weft-knitting structures.

6. Standard infrared roll detection system is more effective to prevent high roller roll cloth.

During the processing of 3D shoe upper equipment, if there is a messy flower situation, it will affect the actual processing effect, then how to solve the 3D shoe upper equipment messy flower situation

1. Replace the needle selection board.

2. See if there are any irregular patterns in the cloth. For example, the problem lies with the needle selector.

3. Check the circuit and check whether the plugs are properly inserted to see if there is any poor contact.

4. See if it is a secret election or a missed election. Adjust the clearance between the needle selector and the needle bed.

5. See if the main drive belt is too loose.

6. See if the needle selection pin is too tight or too loose on the needle bed. Is it smooth.

7. See if the gauge is too tight or too loose.

8. Adjust needle selection parameters, needle selection origin, needle selection fine adjustment.

9. Re-find the original point, the national flower series should pay attention to the copper head.

The problem of 3D vamp equipment messy flower should be solved in time to ensure its good effect.

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