Analyze the principle of computerized flat knitting and architecture


The essence of the computerized flat knitting machine i […]

The essence of the computerized flat knitting machine is a knitting weaving machine, but it contains a double needle plate tongue. When working, the needle of the knitting needle enters the triangle device of the computerized flat knitting machine and moves the triangle, which enables the knitting needle to be able to be needle in the needle plate. The rhythm of the rhythm is regularly raised or lowered, and the raw yarn is knitted into the desired knitted fabric by the movement of the needle hook and the tongue.

After paying attention to the computerized flat knitting machine for a while, I found that this kind of equipment has great performance advantages. There is no fault in use, the stability is strong, the card line phenomenon does not occur, and the normal operation in production can be guaranteed. And through this kind of equipment, we can produce different styles of sweaters. The sweaters we usually wear are produced by this machine.

The patterns on the top of the sweater are also directly embroidered by the computerized flat knitting machine, which is not hand-embroidered by the production staff. We all know that the speed of hand embroidery is very slow. It is possible that a novel flower needs to be embroidered for a long time to embroider it, which takes a lot of time.

Computerized flat knitting and needle selection principle

(1) Principle of looping, tucking and non-weaving

When knitting in a loop: the needle selection is selected in the first needle selection area, the lower piece of the needle selection is raised along the F1 surface of the needle selection triangle, and the upper sheet is raised along the triangle 15 → pushing the middle piece lower sheet to rise to The upper part of the triangle 10 passes along the upper surface thereof, and the upper piece of the intermediate piece passes over the bead 8 , and the corresponding needle piece piece runs along the upper surface of the triangle 1 → retreats → loops.

Triangular system structure

(1) The needle jack is used to raise the needle triangle (to make the knitting needle rise to make the loop, loop)

(2) The collar triangle 2 and the needle-trianger 1 belong to the same unit, and the needle is pushed to the height of the ring.

(3) In addition to the action of the needle, the needle triangle 3 has a transfer function.

(4) The needle jack guide triangle 4 guides and closes the needle.

(5) The upper and lower needle guard triangles 5 and 6 serve as needle guards. When the circle is transferred, the upper needle triangle 5 also acts as a needle.

(6) The tuck bead 7 and the bead bead 8 are integrally movable members and can be moved up and down.

(7) The needle selector 9 is composed of a permanent magnet M and needle selection points C1, C2.

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