Analysis on the Operation Function of Computerized Knitting Machines


The computerized flat knitting machine comber relates t […]

The computerized flat knitting machine comber relates to the field of knitting machinery. The technical solution of the computerized flat knitting machine is: a convex high side is fixed on each side of the fixed plate, a groove connected with the needle bar lifting bar is arranged on the inner side of the fixed plate and the high edge, and one end of the high side has a pressure The grooves on the two sides of the needle plate are matched with each other. The pressure bar is arranged in the groove in the middle of the high side. The pressure spring of the pressure bar is pressed on the pressure bar in the groove on the high side. The comb needle can be reused, and it will not be affected by the number of times of installation and disassembly.

The two pressing triangles of the computerized flat knitting machine are connected by a connecting plate. There is a bottom plate behind the connecting plate. An electromagnet holder is fixed on the bottom plate and an electromagnet is installed; Moving; N grooves are opened in the front of the ring bed, and N ring plates are fixedly fitted to the N grooves one by one. Steel bands are embedded in the rear grooves of the ring bed, and the ring bed is fixed on the needle bed. , In conjunction with the ring triangle.

After long-term use of the needle groove, dirt will accumulate in the channel, which directly affects the quality of the knitted fabric, so the needle bed must be rubbed regularly.

The following points must be noted:

1. Push all the knitting needles to the knitting area to prevent damage to the needle tongue when pulling the upper plug iron.

2. The drawn-out upper and lower plug irons and needle bed irons must be placed on the workbench in the original order. Do not make mistakes for easy installation.

3. If you find rust spots on the needle bed, you can use No. 0 emery cloth to sand and slip. Do not rub on the needle bed grid-like tooth mouth to avoid damaging the straightness of the tooth mouth.

4. Do not rub the emery cloth on the "front" of the plug to prevent the "front" from being damaged and affecting the operation of the needle.

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