What is the principle of jacquard machine


The electronic jacquard machine is a kind of textile eq […]

The electronic jacquard machine is a kind of textile equipment. It uses computer information processing technology to convert the pattern information of the jacquard fabric into the control information of the jacquard machine. The electromagnetic needle selection mechanism of the electronic jacquard machine is controlled by a computer program. The movement is matched to realize the jacquard weaving of the fabric. Our company specializes in electronic jacquard machine series products. The following editors introduce the product control principle of electronic jacquard machine:

What is the principle of jacquard

The production of jacquard fabrics has gone from a pure manual to a mechanical jacquard machine to today's electronic jacquard machine. It has undergone a long and tortuous process. The opening of the electronic jacquard machine combines modern microelectronic technology and electromagnetic and optoelectronic technologies. With the cooperation of the mechanical mechanism, high-speed non-patterned jacquard is realized, which greatly improves labor productivity and product quality. The design scheme of the electronic jacquard control part uses a general-purpose microcomputer or industrial computer as the control body, using disk files, network files, etc. The form of data source is adapted to the requirements of different weaving environments, and corresponding interface circuits are developed to read the jacquard information and generate timing signals, and drive the jacquard information to the jacquard faucet to implement the jacquard control.

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